Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an Appointment

Our online appointment scheduler below makes it more convenient and easier than ever for you to reserve your appointment with Iryna. Simply select your appointment type then select the day and time of your choice and get your email confirmation immediately.Please contact us directly for any questions or special requests. Fell free to call Iryna at 571-230-3058 or email to for an immediate assistance.

Appointment Types

  • Bespoke Design Consultation (60 Minutes)

    Meet with Iryna. She will talk you through fit, timelines, fabrics, pricing and any questions you have regarding wearing Mila Fashion bespoke designs for a wedding or any spacial occasion. Learn more here.

  • First Fitting (45 Minutes)

    Iryna will learn about your fit preferences, gather your measurements, provide styling advice, and save your personal size profile to place an order. We can also prepare several sketches of your future dress or garment during this fitting or provide them shortly after the meeting via email. So you can think it over and pick one design.

    Once we agree to proceed with an order, we will expect to receive 50% deposit of the full order price up-front to cover the costs of the materials and proceed with the process.

  • Second Fitting (30 – 45Minutes)

    If you’ve received an e-mail indicating that your garment(s) has been created, schedule a fit check to try it on to confirm fit and style.

  • Collection Preview (up to 120 Minutes)

    Browse our latest fabrics and shop ready-to-wear or one-of-a-kind collections at our location in Reston, VA or we can bring some collection items based on your size or requests at your location.

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