Protect Your Shoes from Damages

Protect Your Shoes from Damages
Are you afraid your rented shoes are going to get damaged? Don’t be! We will show you a couple of tricks that will help you to protect your fancy shoes from damages! In the worst case scenario, you can be protected by our renter insurance!


It’s easy to protect your shoes from damages!


With all the daily wear and tear the rented shoes go through, it’s no wonder their average lifespan can be shorter. But with the right TLC you can spruce up all your designer pieces so they look shiny and new for many rentals to come. Here, advice from the experts for keeping your tootsie protectors in tip-top shape so you can keep them like new each time.


rubber-solesLENDERS: Always try to add rubber soles and heel caps. Have your shoemaker put rubber taps on your shoes. At approximately $2.50/pair (toe and heel taps), these little rubber gems will protect the toe and heel from wearing down.

1 OUR PICK: Just for KiiX Heel Protector for Shiny Heels

This one is our favorite! Easy to use and extremely helpful! Can be used both by Lenders and Renters to protect rented shoes from heel damages! Just for KiiX heel protectors protect your heels without changing the look of your heels. It protect heels against scuffs and scrapes. Virtually invisible. Durable. Easy to use – adjusts to heel size using perforations. Removable. Weatherproof. Give your heels a fighting chance! Only $9.99 and goes a long way! Can be used on smooth shiny heel only.

You can also try another similar products,  CITY HEELS and Heel Huggers. However, they cover smaller area but stay on longer.

2 Heel Shields – Ultimate Shoe Protection for Drivers

DRIVER’s BLACK HEEL is the dirty black spot on the back of driver’s shoes caused by the shoe coming in contact with the car mat while driving. This action rubs off the smooth leather finish which is then blackened by the dirt, sand, rock and other debris that gathers on the car mat where the driver rests their foot – causing drivers black heel.

HOW TO PROTECT: Use Heel Keepers. Only $30 and multi-use. Easy to slip on and take off. Also you can always take off your shoes while driving, or put a paper towel under the heel, or put a cheap shower cap over your whole shoe! I personally keep a light duty duck tape in my car just in case, always comes handy for whatever 😉

3 No More Cracks in Sidewalks

51QvjHvTcmLRenters: If you are walking to your destination wearing your fancy rented shoes and worried they might get into cracks
of sidewalks and streets, or sink in grass – worry no more! We have an easy solution. You can quickly put on these amazing High Heel Protectors. They will make it easy to walk on uneven or unstable ground, ensure you always have a stable base. Made of high-quality, clear plastic, you can slip these over the heel of your favorite high heels and no one will even notice you have them on. Unlike similar products, these Heel Protectors won’t fall off your shoe while you’re walking or doing the cha-cha slide. They’ll also keep you from sinking in to soft ground and protect from heel scratching! When you get to the place – just quickly take them off and put in your bag.

heel-cover-flowerA very pretty alternative product is Starlettos Crystal heel stoppers! These heel stoppers for grass are a must-have investment for every shoe lover, as they’re both strong and stylish, while being nearly invisible on grass. They’ve even been featured in celebrity swag bags at both the Emmys and the Oscars! Purchase a pair of heel protectors for high heels today and join the ranks of celebrities like Meryl Streep, Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen and Courtney (Mazza) Lopez.

4 Use a Shoehorns

high-heel-shoe-hornAlways use a shoehorn when putting on rented shoes. If you have difficulty getting into a pair, you can end up crushing the heel area. A shoehorn will save the heel collar from unnecessary wear and keep it in good condition longer. You usually consider a shoe horn a men’s accessory. But if you are trying to stuff their feet into the most uncomfortable and tightest shoes you can imagine. And they can look very cute as well.

5 Use Heel Cups

61sxcWYFpYL._SX522_This tip is good both for lenders and renters. To extend the live of your shoes and protect the bottom of the heel from damages, use these easy-to-put-on heel protectors!  They come in black and natural colors.
Recommended for newer high heels without metal or nail exposed. They come in different sizes and perfectly fit most stilettos and slim heels. If you rent shoes – protect it and yourself with this affordable solution!

HOW TO PROTECT: Use heel protectors. Only $12.95 and multiuser. Easy to slip on and take off.

6 Red Rubber Soles Replacement and Covers

Attention lenders! This one is for you. These soles replacement made in Italy and are good for your lender Christian Louboutin shoes! Important, please take in mind that they need to be installed by a professional cobbler, this is NOT a do it yourself kit, please do not try to cut or glue on your own. This product is superior quality rubber, made to whithstand everyday wear and tear. Color is a great match for your Louboutins. These are 1mm thickness so you have a seamless sole.

7 Sole Anti Skid Shoe Pads

protect shoe soleLenders: we have a great tip to protect your shoe sole and keep them nice and neat! Use Sure Sole year round protection self-adhesive 3M safety-walk anti-slip shoe sole protectors help to avoid slipping on wet floors, slick surface, etc. Lengthens life of your fab shoes soles. An ideal material for smooth sole shoes, to help prevent slipping on most slick surfaces and overall protect the bottom of your shoes from wear and tear. Sure Sole material has self adhesive backing, will also lengthen the life of soles and will not mark floors.

Very easy and affordable way! But the large size and cover more area, cut out what you do not need.

8 Love Your Insoles

insolesRenters: To give you comfort and help to prevent any foot diseases, we recommend to place new insoles inside your rented shoes! They are clinically proven to help prevent foot pain in heels 2 inch or higher. Ultra-soft gel arch shifts pressure off ball of foot. Soft, wicking fabric designed to keep feet dry and feel great on bare feet. All day comfort. Ultra-thin design won’t make shoes feel tight. And it will make you feel safer at the same time. More great products: Dr. Scholl’s® DreamWalk™ Sole Expressions® Heel Liners.


Remember to Polish

For leather dress shoes, wax with leather wax after you’ve shaken out the anti-fungal powder to help prevent moisture from entering the shoe. Store your leather dress shoes in a clean, dry place to prevent mold, mildew and fungus.

Store Your Heels Right

The best way to protect shoes from dust and dirt in your closet is to store them in felt or cotton shoe bags, so they can breathe.

Use Shoe Trees

shoe treeShoe trees are a fantastic way to keep your shoes in good shape. They help prevent creasing, wrinkling and make shoes last longer. Wooden shoe trees also help draw moisture and heat from your shoes ensuring that the natural oils within the leather are retained. A real investment in keeping good shoes looking and feeling great for years.

Protect yourself from pain!

protect-shoe-painIf you’ve ever hobbled home after a long day or night in heels, this tip is for you. Tape your third and fourth toes (counting from the big toe) together—we recommend nude medical tape for a low-profile look, but Scotch tape works in a pinch—to alleviate pain in the ball of your foot. Sound crazy? Here’s the reasoning: there’s a nerve that splits between those two toes, which causes pain when pressure is put upon it (a.k.a. when you wear heels). The tape removes strain on the nerve, allowing you to dance the night away.


Cover New Spots

Make sure to fix color damage on leather shoes as soon as it happens! You can use simple acrylic leather paint and a small paint brush or a cotton swab you can purchase in regular stores like Michaels or online on All scratches should be fixed as soon as possible to preserve the integrity of the heel. Dampen the corner of a rag with leather oil and buff the oil over each scratch. Rub the surface firmly to push the oil into the deepest part of the blemish. Let the oil soak in for an hour, then wipe away any excess on the surface. Dip a cotton swab in a tub of shoe polish the same color as the shoe and fill in the scratch to disguise the blemish.

>> View More Edge & Sole Treatments Products


If you don’t wish to fix and protect your shoes yourself – cobblers are seriously amazing! You should find one near you! They can put heel caps on, fix soles, etc. etc. etc. It’s really easy and fast.

Find a Cobbler in your area around Washington DC!



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