NOTE: Current lead time is 1 MONTH. Plan accordingly. It takes 2-3 MONTHS to make a custom dress.

The estimate for custom work is based on cost of materials and how many hours of labor to put in. Our labor costs $45/hour.

The final pricing includes:

  • Unique design drafting
  • Pattern making
  • Taking measurements and several fittings
  • Fabric findings and cutting
  • Sewing, pressing and finishing

Basic bespoke dresses projects normally take a minimum of 10 hours. It can vary widely depending on fabric selection, style, and details. An estimate of the full cost will be provided upfront and should be agreed upon before any work begins. Bridal gown take over 80 hours to make. Special occasion, formal dress (prom dress, wedding guest, gala gown, red carpet gown) – over 40 hours.

The simple custom dress/garment design and making process takes from 1 to 3 months and prices start at $450. Schedule your appointments in advance. Our bespoke bridal gown starts at $2,600 plus cost of materials and special occasion (prom, wedding guest, gala, red carpet) dress starts at $900 plus cost of materials. We charge $45/hour.

Custom-made Process