Borrowing Designer Dress…Not

Borrowing Designer Dress…Not
I receive a lot of questions about borrowing and sometime renting my dresses.
It’s getting more and more with time, so I decided to answer in public mode once and for all.

I don’t lend/give my dresses because:

  • ✅ 90% my dresses are custom orders
  • ✅ Dresses which I made for myself or photoshoots: I don’t rent my personal stuff (I hope you understand why 😉)
  • ✅ Dresses for sale: those should be in perfect condition and I can allow only 1-2 shootings under my personal supervision. I recently deciced to drastically cut down the amount of fashion shows I do. The dresses get ruined as models spend long time in them…. So
  • ✅ When I have some free time, I incarnate my new ideas. In this case I already have in mind some models and photographers, which could take part in my new projects.


All of my dresses are created by myself, with my hands, no outsourcing yet, from pretty expensive materials, it’s hours and hours of work. And please don’t be surprised to hear the prices of designer custom dresses. I do quality work, the garments are unique and are fitted and made for your specific body shape and size; and, yes, I charge by the hour.

I appreciate and love all the people I know through Facebook or met once or twice in my life,  and we all have important jobs around here, but sorry, I can’t give my dresses for free in exchange of promotion.
So please, don’t send me requests.  

If you are a model, MUA, hairstylist or a photographer, please submit your information here. If I am interested in working with you, I’ll contact you for sure!




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